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I’m am no stranger to the corporate environment, mostly working for IT groups for various financial service companies throughout my tech career, including Fidelity Investments in Boston and ETRADE and MyCFO in Silicon Valley. I understand the IT, financial services, start-up culture – very long hours with little time for anything other than eating, sleeping, and working. Although I’ve mostly retired my computer science degree, I teach with a combo intuitive-analytical approach. I attribute my analytical side to my programming background and the long line of Engineers in my family – including my now husband. Well, how exactly does this all relate to yoga – you might ask? My ability to maintain the big picture while inter-playing various mobile components allows me to efficiently target exercises and achieve desired results. OK, OK enough nerdy techno jargon. Sign up for 4, 6 or 8 weekly sessions or conduct your very own corporate workshops. I have presented office yoga demonstrations at several non-profit and corporate brown-bag lunches and HR fairs. I’ve also presented 2-hour workshops at several corporate off-sites. Relieve your stress now and have fun doing it!




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