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Yoga for Golfers

My family was first introduced to golf when my great-grandfather’s farm in Livermore, ME was converted into a golf course – Maple Lane Golf Course. It was around the 80’s and I was about 16 at the time. Prior to the conversion, I had remembered visiting the farm during the winters – cutting cords of wood on the property every other weekend and warming up with a cup of hot chocolate by the wood stove in the kitchen. I was the 4-foot marker, making bright yellow checks that highlighted the chainsaw’s cutting path of the tree. If I were lucky, I even got to drive the tractor. Sometimes the snow was deep, but the air was always cold. During the summers, the farm was host to many family reunions. However after the farm was converted, my whole family … my grandfather, my Mom, my Dad, my bother, my sister, my cousins, my father’s cousins … OK you get the idea … all started to play golf – and we were naturally good at it. Hahahaha … It turned out to be a great family pastime! I was so into it that I took golf as my PE requirement in college. In fact, Wellesley College had its own 7-hole golf course on its grounds - Nehoiden Golf Course. Although I’m not the best of putters, I remember winning the putting competition. I still have that golf ball with WELLESLEY COLLEGE written across it. How cool is that? In the corporate world, I worked for Anderson Consulting (on the consulting side … who then became Accenture) for a while. Golf was a big deal at that company – Tiger Woods can attest to that. At the time, I was living in sunny California and I got to play on some mighty fine golf courses – Half Moon Bay along the ocean and some others in Napa Valley to name a few. Unfortunately, I only just drove by Pebble Beach. However, as a part of the Accenture culture and to reward us for our hard efforts, we were blessed to have had a weekend training with a pro-golf trainer in Napa Valley. Golf was a big deal. And lastly, while living in Nashville, TN, I taught an 8-week series to the Belmont University women’s golf team. Needless to say … they had an exceptional season. And yes, my family is still into golfing, especially my Uncle Bob, who is an absolute golf fanatic. He practically lives on Natanis Golf Course in Vassalboro, ME. I live by many golf courses now. OK, OK … enough of my hype. Sign up for 4, 6 or 8 sessions. Let me be your secret advantage.




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