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Beth offers various styles of yoga instruction and dance instruction for group and private yoga lessons in the greater San Francisco/South Bay/East Bay Area Area. Let her tailor an instruction program that meets your needs.

Yoga Fundamentals

Yoga for students who are new to yoga or who have not taken my class before. This class is also suitable for returning students who want to continue to practice the basic yoga postures at a deeper level. This class is also suitable for seniors.

Yoga Essentials

Yoga for students who have taken Beginning Yoga Level 1 or who have a good understanding of basic yoga postures. We will continue to deepen our experience of the basic yoga poses and also explore many new poses.

Yoga Intensives

Yoga for students who have taken Beginning Yoga Level 1 and Beginning Yoga Level 2 or who have a good understanding of basic yoga postures and are comfortable doing supported backbends and inversions. This class can either be preceded by 15 minutes of pranayama or ended with 15 minutes of meditation.

Yoga Flow

Yoga for more experienced students who want to flow to music.

Yoga for Runners

A yoga program specifically designed for runners. In this class, you’ll learn basic yoga postures that enable you to improve your body awareness, posture, balance, strength, flexibility, and concentration. We will also incorporate breathing exercises with poses that increase lung capacity and help you to relax. Finally, we will learn some good pre and post run yoga stretches.

Yoga for Golfers

A yoga program specifically designed for golfers. Do you want to enhance the power of your swing and increase driving distance, precision, and control? In this series, you will learn basic yoga postures that will enable you to build a solid stance, develop core strength, enhance torque and trunk rotation, increase flexibility, improve balance and deepen concentration. You will also learn some quick and easy course warm-ups and end of play unwinding exercises specifically designed for back care. You will need to bring a golf club, a golf ball, and a tee to each session. Shape up your golf game and gain a competitive edge by hiring your own personal yoga coach. Private and group lessons are available. Read More...

Corporate Yoga

Introduce your employees to yoga in order to gain less stressed, more focused, hyper productive, ultra creative and happier people while at the same time as fostering a beneficial work environment. Office Yoga is for busy professionals who spend a good part of their day on the phone and/or at the computer. Poses are can be taught with the aid of a desk and chair. Sessions can be conducted during lunch hour. Sign up for 4, 6 or 8 weekly sessions or conduct your very own corporate workshops. Let me help to de-stress your employees. Read More...

Partner Yoga

Beginning yoga offered specifically for partners (friends, roommates, spouses, life partners, siblings, parents, children, etc.) who wish to deepen their cooperation and communication by practicing yoga poses together. Partner yoga fully integrates both partners into every pose. This is accomplished by observing each other in poses, duplicating poses together, assisting each other with proper alignment and form, and co-creating poses that help deepen each other’s practice.

Prenatal Yoga

A prenatal yoga series that emphasizes breathing exercises, pelvic floor exercises, yoga postures, relaxation, and meditations. The primary focus will be on 2nd trimester poses, but modifications will be provided for all trimesters.

Mom and Me Yoga

Yoga for moms and newborns. We will focus on poses that help to re-develop abdominal and lower back strength. This series is for moms who want to include their babies in their yoga practice.

Yoga for Babies

Yoga that helps you bond with your baby physically, emotionally, and spiritually. The main series would cover the following age ranges: birth to 6 months and 6 months to 12 months. Another series would cover the following age range: 12 months to 24 months. Each week we will focus on a different energy center and learn how that energy center relates to your baby’s development. Moms will also be doing some yoga, but the primary focus will be on your newborn.

Yoga for Kids

After-school yoga offered specifically for the elementary school students.

Yoga for Teens

After-school yoga offered specifically for the high school students.

Yoga for Teachers

After-school beginning yoga offered specifically for school employees including teachers, administrators, office workers, etc.

Yoga for Seniors

Instructional Yoga for seniors at a more relaxed pace.

Yoga Flow for Seniors

Flowing yoga for seniors at a more relaxed pace. This sequence may be done with or without the help of a chair and is repeated each class.

Yoga and Meditative Prayer

Spiritually centered yoga to help renew the body, quiet the mind and open the heart.

Dance Offerings

Creative Yoga Dance

A fun fusion of playful dance movements creatively combined to energize the body, mind and spirit. Each week we will stretch, tone, creatively dance, and meditate as we explore a different musical theme. It’s a really fun workout for all ages and abilities.

Creative Kid Dance

A fun fusion of playful and structured dance movements specifically for kids.




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