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One of the most enjoyable aspects of Beth's work is developing relationships with people and working with them to effect positive change in their life through yoga. If you have worked with Beth in the past, and would like to leave a testimonial, or just get back in touch, please do so through the contact form.

“After a brief hiatus from yoga due to illness, I started back with classes with Beth and fell in love with the practice all over again. She teaches with humor, kindness, and extensive knowledge of many different aspects blended together. I always looked forward to her classes. As a result, I decided that I wanted to incorporate yoga into a more frequent part of my life and started taking classes several times a week. I'm so glad I did because when I had a bicycle accident and broke my hip, it was the strength and flexibility I had from yoga that helped me be able cope with the challenge of healing and to walk again in three weeks after a half hip replacement. I can't wait until I can get back into my exercise routine. Thank you, Beth, for your inspiration!” – Mary Louise Linn

“Lucky you! Beth introduced me to yoga and helped me realize that I COULD do it and make it a part of my life. My body and life thank her and urge you all to spend time with her!” - Craig Anne

“Beth's teaching style coupled with her professionalism is wonderful!! Beth helped me in maintaining and developing new classes while she resided in he Nashville area. Take a class from her and you will find the comfort and energy from a instructor that knows her stuff!!” - Michele C. Randle, Hunters Lane Community Education Coordinator

“Beth is one of the best yoga teachers I’ve had! She’s patient, kind, funny, and she knows her stuff!” -- Lisa D., a Nashville Yoga Student

“I loved the Yoga Class led by Beth in at Vanderbilt University in Nashville. You Texans are lucky to get her! I’m 62 years old, and I have taken yoga classes sporadically since I was in my 20s. I have been blessed by many good instructors, but Beth has been the best. I loved the variety of yoga styles and postures that Beth taught, and that she was responsive to individual and class needs. In addition to her fine teaching, her gentleness of spirit was a gift.” - Jan in Nashville

"I have practiced yoga on and off for years because it's like a massage from the inside out. Nothing is so relaxing as stretching every muscle in my body, especially those I don't use much as well as those I use too much because of my lifestyle (i.e., sitting at a desk all day). I can honestly say Beth is my favorite because she is so positive and encouraging, and, while other practitioners of yoga may seem aloof without realizing it, Beth really cares if you are benefiting from the practice of yoga. I am still at the beginner stage of yoga because I use it as one of many tools to total physical health and well-being." Ann in Smyrna, TN

“With Beth, yoga became one of the highlights of my week…a wonderful relaxing time to unwind and de-stress. Beth is an excellent teacher for all levels and keeps her students involved and coming back. I plan to always continue yoga as a healthy necessity for life.” - Martha, a happy yoga student

“Beth taught for me at the Vanderbilt employee fitness center and she was a pleasure to work with as well as a wonderful instructor. I took her class every chance I could. I like the variety in her classes." - Lori from Vanderbilt

“As a Community Education coordinator and supervisor, I must say Beth is not only a 'well-versed instructor' but also a consistent person. Any business or group that will employ her services will have the knowledge that she will be there, be on time, give a wonderful class, and see to the safety of her students. Consistency is very hard to find in the world today!" - Soraya




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