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Nov 2009

Zorba Studio in Dallas, TX

Co-presented a Yoga & Emotional Awareness Workshop to explore ways to heal oneself physically, emotionally and spiritually.

Mar 2008

Social Worker's Vanderbilt Children's Hospital

Presented an Office Yoga (and How to De-Stress at Your Desk) workshop to Social Workers at Vanderbilt Children's Hospital.

Mar 2008

Open Arms Care Corporation

Presented an Introduction to Yoga which included the following topics: Why Yoga, Why Me; Breath and Body Awareness; Office Yoga; Some Basic Standing Yoga Poses; How to Setup a Home Practice; and Yoga Resources

Nov 2007

Woodmont Christian Preschool

Presented a Yoga and Nutrition workshop to a pre-school class.

Nov 2007

Father Ryan High School

Presented a Yoga and Body Awareness and Self-Esteem workshop to over 100 sophomore high school girls.

Oct 2007

Green Hills Healing Arts

Prepared a Yoga and Pregnancy workshop that outlined Pre-Natal, Post-Pregnancy, and Mommy and Me programs.

Oct 2007

Center for Integrative Health

Taught Yoga and Using Yoga as a Medical Tool to 108 Vanderbilt Medical Students in the class of 2011.

Jun 2007

Nashville Community Education

Presented several workshops on Yoga Fundamentals, Yoga Essentials, and Yoga Intensives.

Jun 2007

Seven Hills Pool and Tennis Club

Prepared Yoga and … Golf and Tennis and Swim workshops.

Mar 2007

SSR (Smith Seckman Reid, Inc.)

Presented Office Yoga and answered Yoga questions at a corporate Health Fair.

Oct 2006

Green Hills Healing Arts

Prepared a Yoga Fundamentals workshop for massage clients.

Oct 2006

RASAC (Rape and Sexual Abuse Center)

Presented Office Yoga and answered Yoga questions at a corporate brown lunch.





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